[Jandek] What do Jandek fans listen (to)(?)

Jeff Grimshaw jgrimshaw at blast.net
Fri Oct 13 10:37:49 PDT 2006

MessageI must say, by the standards of the Jandek list (or anyway the folks on it who've already responded to this thread) my taste is pretty vanilla, but here goes anyway:

Chet Baker, Raymond Scott, R.D. Burman's Bollywood soundtracks, R Stevie Moore, The Benny Goodman small groups, Yo La Tengo, rockabilly, most root music, Moby, Lou Harrison. And a lot of individual songs and one-offs: "The Balinese Monkey Chant," "The Coffee Cantata," "Wasps Encircle the Shroud" by Halo, "Popcorn Man" by the Tune Twisters. Recently a friend of mine has been sending me CD-R's of the Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour, which are without exception a total blast and great company in the car.
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