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Swiz were incredible. Their first EP wasn't that great (and Sweetbelly Freakdown merely "had 
their moments"), but they were overall pretty awesome. I have a weird tendency to find little
things in music kind of absurd and hilarious, and a good example of that would be Shawn Brown's
tendency to repeat lines multiple times in a row in a given song. For example, "looking' both
ways, still get run down / lookin' both ways, still get run down / lookin' both ways, still get 
run down / lookin' both ways, still get run down."
I haven't heard anyone mention Christie Front Drive in forever.
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Is this where we all list the most obscure stuff we can think of?  In my
small music folder at my desk in work I have...

Amber Asylum - Garden Of Love
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Boris - Vein
Christie Front Drive - Stereo
Diplomats - Gutta Muzik
Glint - Filthebeats 009 - Take That MotherF*CKER
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
Misery Signals - Self Titled
Mouthbreather - demo
Old Ghost - Totally
Pinback - blue screen life
Pinback - summer in abaddon
Rick Ross - Port Of Miami
Songs Ohia - Northstar Blues Session
Swiz - No Punches Pulled
Wiley - Tunnel Vision Volume 1
Xasthur - Telepathic With the Deceased
Xasthur - The Funeral of Being

Geez, what a car crash!  I think the only thing on that list that this
list would find "credible" is the songs ohia session, which is just
jason by himself and is really beautiful.
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