[Jandek] seattle show

allistur cranston tuffgnarl70 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 11 09:20:19 PDT 2006

just to say that if anyone is interested my last little note from corwood informed me that sam coomes and emil amos will be with their representative at the seattle show on the 27th october. they played with him at portland and i have a recording and they are possibly better than youngs/neilson, if that's possible, so good luck to anyone who can make it. he also stated that the cancelled london gig was "not our decision" and no plans as yet to come my way again anytime soon...
  and speaking of what else jandek fans listen to, i'd love to hear the complete rant of jack mundurian, an excerpt of which appears on songs in the key of z, don't suppose anyone can help me out here?
  and can we please stop bickering over the outsider music status of anyone, it's just a handy term for chrisake, for all those freaks that don't fit in the usual ones. if you want a debate, what about the hijacking of the term garage music, which to me means the stooges, the sonics, the ramones etc but apparently now means some lame arsed soul/dance. and didn't r & b used to stand for rythym and blues...

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