[Jandek] precedent to Jandek/what do fans listen to?

ian nauroth ian.nauroth at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 07:08:42 PDT 2006

There's a been more than a few times that I've heard something and been
excited and said "that's so Jandek!" I'd say that the band White Magic has
some very Jandek qualities to it. Similarly, Akron Family and Animal
Collective sometime catch my ear the same way. All that stuff is a lot more
atmospheric but I think that style lends itself well to Jandekian vocals.
I'm also a pretty big fan of anything involving David Pajo who tends to use
irregular chords that often produce a very Jandek effect on the guitar.

As far as other music I listen to... I just picked up a CD by Windmills in
the Ocean that I think you doom metal fans would be into. Very droney but a
little more accessible than something like Sunn or Om. Torche is another
band I've been pretty into lately. I could go on forever or you could go
here:  http://www.last.fm/user/horseclaw/
or here is a list of what's in my itunes:

- Ian
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