[Jandek] "Your Other Man" Remix

Robert Ayler starfolio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 06:10:03 PDT 2006

I can't believe no one has really talked about this yet after it has
been posted here two or three times -- too busy yappin about all of
the bands you listen to... Anyway.

Overall, I have never cared for this sorta thing, but after years and
years and album of album of hearing Jandek in the same zone it was a
delight to hear him in this glitchy, electronic area Totally impressed
with this remix -- not to mention it is the first Jandek 7" and and
first releases (outside of a few comp tracks) not on Corwood.

I thought the remixers really pulled out some great guitar shards and
melodies and adding in the right doses of abstract rhythm and new
sounds and ambiance. The A-side is so infectious. Maybe they also
tweaked his vocals a bit too? Overall, don't miss out.

Maybe if Jandek plays San Francisco he could have Matmos back him --
as I think this direction wears well on him.


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>  Has anyone seen this?  I just ordered 3.
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