[Jandek] any precedent to Jandek?

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Wed Oct 11 01:56:47 PDT 2006

I mentioned Dead Raven Choir in another mail I just sent to this list.
Some of their stuff, to some, might sound similar to Jandek.


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Hi all.  Just wondering because it's such a big world of music, but is
there anything out there that may be considered to be musically close to
Jandek?  I know this is a judgement call, and I'm not talking about the
Corwood way of doing business, but there must be something else out
there that pushes the same musical buttons. 
I wonder especially if somewhere in the blues world there was a
precedent.  Or maybe, if any list members are from other parts of the
world, if there were others somewhere else who a Jandek fan could
appreciate.  I'm not talking about Skip Spence or Beefheart or any other
semi-famous artists or even a strict type of music, I'm talking maybe
from the "private press" world or from the psychedelic 60s or heck even
from China or wherever. 
Like I said, I know this is a judgement call.  The world is so big and
we all see such a small part of it, maybe somewhere far away there is
somebody else "working the dark corners".    

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA
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