[Jandek] What do Jandek fans listen

halcyon at uchicago.edu halcyon at uchicago.edu
Tue Oct 10 08:49:51 PDT 2006

dropping the drawers:
So I guess I'm from the slow and sad stuff camp. Even so, I
think I like the live stuff the best out of what Jandek's
done, with the possible exception of Chair Beside a Window or
the a capella albums, which are amazing. 

So here are some other things I listen to that are similar.
I'm not sure if you're looking for recommendations or just
curious what people listen to, so I'll include the obvious, too:
Mount Eerie/Microphones
Songs: Ohia/Jason Molina
Xiu Xiu
Current 93
Kayo Dot

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