[Jandek] Re: jandek Digest, Vol 54, Issue 235

BF_Mowat mwt6653 at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 15 07:25:42 PST 2006

Two points:
  1) No, he doesn't have AIDS/Cancer. Don't ask me how I know that: that info is confidential.
  2) If you are a musician on this list, and would like airplay for your material, send MP3's (radio broadcast quality) to bf.mowat at gmail.com 
  If I can listen to Jandek, I can probably listen to YOU!
  BF "e-Mole" Mowat

jandek-request at mylist.net wrote:

> The stuff on Glasgow Monday the Cell sounds more like he's got a virus
> than
> a cancer if you listen close.
> >

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