[Jandek] How the music makes me feel

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Sun Nov 12 19:15:07 PST 2006

Ok, I'm new to this list, but it's as fucking weird as a Jandek record.  I
am enjoying it!  My husband said - in regards to listening to Jandek "in the
bedroom" - was, "if I tried to listen to Jandek when we were 'doing it' I'd
feel like Jandek was looking over my shoulder, I'd feel awkward."

Also, "wiggier" made me laugh out loud, thank you for that.

ALL-so, we sent Jandek a copy of our music and we got a piece of that
infamous "thanks" Corwood handwriting, my dreams have come true!


On 11/9/06, Jeff Grimshaw <jgrimshaw at blast.net> wrote:
>  *Wow.* Many wiggy Jandek chicks have posted on the Jandek list over the
> years, but surely none have posted anything wiggier than this. I hereby
> declare Alimarea Vasquez the official Queen of the Wiggy Jandek Chicks. And
> I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say how much I'm looking forward to
> reading about you and your boyfriend on the cover of the World Weekly News.
> Say 'hi' to Bat Boy for us, Alimarea!
> >From: "Alimarea Vasquez" <beachdame125 at hotmail.com>
> >Subject: [Jandek] How the music makes me feel
> >Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 18:05:51 -0500
> >To: jandek at mylist.net
> >
> >Maybe I am the only woman on the planet whose sex drive goes through the
> >roof when I hear the music, but to keep this clean since I got Austin
> >Sunday
> >especially, me and my partner have played it in the bedroom and it is
> >surprisingly arousing. I have always used it to clean the house or hang
> out
> >and really listen, so I was shocked to find that not only was I turned
> on,
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