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Fri Nov 10 04:37:22 PST 2006

Hi all
  Noticed some people were emailing wondering about buying the first installment of Danen Jobe's fictional biography of Jandek, Niagra Blues: Slingerland.  The book is on Single Cell Press, and we have a straight forward PayPal system for buying items at www.singlecellpress.co.uk , where all of our previous releases can also be found.
  If anyones got any queries about the book, alternative ordering methods or on special offers on buying multiple copies, Marky at Single Cell Press can be contacted on press at singlecellpress.co.uk .  In addition we pride ourselves on being very prompt at getting the books out to our customers - you should receive your order within about a week, a few working days if you're in the UK.
  Thanks for the interest in the book, and we hope everyone gets a read at this, cuz its a really great piece.  Thanks to Danen for keeping the home fires burning!
  Single Cell Press

                                        "Niagra Blues: Slingerland" by Danen D. Jobe
  OUT NOW on www.singlecellpress.co.uk

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