[Jandek] Bookstuff, more Austin praise

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Mon Nov 6 16:34:48 PST 2006

> What is the price for the book in US dollars... i am never good at 
> conversions.  

I'm told between eleven and twelve bucks, depending on the market, and that price includes overseas shipping. That's through purchasing the book at www.singlecellpress.co.uk - if you live in Europe this is the best option to take (they also accept cash and check).

 and how do i get my copy soon.... where do i mail 
> money...

Single Cell seem to be getting copies to people in both the U.S. and Europe rapidly (now that they're avaliable, which has been for less than a week), so if you're using Paypal that's probably still the way to go.

I hope to be able to resolve the U.S. issue soon by finding a distributor here - trying to get that taken care of and hopefully I'll have info on that soon. 

For now, check, money order, or well-hidden cash might get the book to you sooner if sent directly to me. I'll have some copies here in a day or two, and I'm happy to put a few aside specifically for list members (the rest of what I get is going to sell at Indy/Bloomington). Contact me offlist if you're interested (this will come from my home address, and I don't want to post that on a public list for obvious reasons). The price will be about the same (can't always guess the exact currency and all. Math's not my specialty, either). Will add that I'm not currently set up to take paypal, credit cards, etc and again I'll have a VERY ltd # of copies that I can sell prior to Indianapolis. 

Also will take this time to announce that I will be reading in Atlanta on Friday, February 16th at A Capella books, time and further details to be posted later.

And, you know, I gotta pitch another "buy it now" about "Austin Sunday." I've had it on non-stop the last three days and I love it more with each listen - real solid through and through. Curiously, I DID listen to the shows from Newcastle to Austin back to back and it makes for an interesting story, almost a book of its own. I have a theory that the stretch of albums between "I Threw You Away" and "Raining Down Diamonds" form something of a single story, largely concerning a narrator and a late-in-life fling as it comes together and falls apart. I'm beginning to see an arc here, one that certainly goes through Chicago, dealing with identity. Each album stands on its own, of course, but the pieces also fit together nicely between the shows. Curous to see how/if Indy continues this (and would love to hear more about Seattle).

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