[Jandek] "Niagra Blues: Slingerland" - OUT NOW

Gavin gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 07:38:25 PST 2006

> The time's come...  The waiting's over - Danen D. Jobe's "Niagra
> Blues: Slingerland" is finally available from Single Cell Press
> (www.singlecellpress.co.uk). The book was written with the full
> co-operation and support of Corwood Industries, and is  a "fictional
> biography" of the great artist which examines the man, the myth and
> the legend through his music, his lyrics and his art work. 
> Written in the first person, this rethinking of Jandek's early years
> will come as a welcome addition to the speculation that has
> surrounded Jandek recently. 
> Please visit www.singlecellpress.co.uk to buy yourself the best
> companion to Jandek's work you'll ever find.

Having gotten my own copy of 'Niagra Blues: Slingerland' yesterday
(after waiting with some anticipation and a certain amount of
trepidation) I have to second Ross' trumpeting his publication - it
really is an excellent piece of writing, both as a speculative
'biography' and as a work in its own right, independent of its
inspiration. Danen's fictional genesis of the Jandek recordings is
utterly convincing, and there are moments that should give a little
frisson to any Jandek fan open to this kind of literary extrapolation
- and the book offers a succinct and convincing attempt to
contextualise where Jandek's musical influences originate while not
detracting from its own narrative...I don't want to say any more about
its content, and therefore spoil any anticipatory pleasure for its
readership, but unless your own personal 'take' on Jandek doesn't
allow for this kind of speculation (and I cannot imagine a Jandek fan
imagination that hasn't daydreamed its own history and biography at
some point) you will not be disappointed - except possibly by its
briefness...the book is to be part of a projected trilogy, and I need
to know what happens next! 


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