[Jandek] What else is out there?

Jonathan Ruhe ruhetang at yahoo.com
Wed May 24 16:03:26 PDT 2006

Right. If everyoneís done hollering at each other over how we should address our hero, Iíve got a good, stimulating, non-whiny discussion topic for you listers.
  By the standards of most reasonable people, Jandek might just be the weirdest music ever. But we are Jandek fans, and do not have the standards of reasonable people. So my question to you is this: As people who find Jandek listenable and even enjoyable, do you find that there is still music out there thatís too weird for even your tastes?
  For my own part, I still consider my Jandek recordings to be the most bizarre music in my collection, which is why Iím posing this question, to find fresh challenges for my ears.
  Jandek to me sounds like a musical expression of autism - alienated, repetitive, cataclysmically self-absorbed. Has the possibility that Jandek's got Asperger's syndrome or something been bandied about this list yet?
  -Johnny Depositor

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