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Allen Rendel arendel at ripco.com
Sat May 20 06:43:29 PDT 2006

I think we need a new t-shirt that reads "Jandek is SUPER RAD"

Would the image on the shirt be from the cover of "Somebody in the Snow" or
"White Box Requiem"?  Maybe from "Worthless Recluse"??

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  WHY would it be bad to refer to the Corwood rep as "Sterling"?
  i think we all know that's his name?!?!?right?
  you guys need to mellow out-i've called the guy on the phone before
(albeit a few years ago) and he's been SUPER RAD.
  it's not a mystery and you are not part of a mystery!
  it's good music from a guy who makes good music. why read anyhting else
into it? are you the Hardy Boys? NOPE.
  Relax guys and chicks! It's MUSIC.
  Peace, C.
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