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Hi all
  I was at tonights performance and it wasnt blighted by talkers at all.  It was a very small audience - 35 to 50 at the very most but it was a really cool night.  Jandek sat out in the audience with Richard Youngs, Alex Neilson, Heather and David from Voltanic Tongues Mailorder/Taupis Tula, Barry Essen etc.
  The audience really seemed to be getting into it.  It was punk Jandek!  Lots of noisy noisy bits then going into nice bits.  There was also a really cool stompy bit.  The trio sounded as fresh as ever and Sonic Youth would cut off their heads to sound so alive today.  Richard Youngs turned in stellar performance on bass, which i thinks ace, because he's received a bit of criticism for his lack of rock action at shows.  
  Youngs used an Ebow on his bass to make otherworldly wailing and feedback sounds as the perfect accompaniment to Agent Black's soulpower vocals.  Alex sounded alive alive tonight and he did that cool thing he did at the CCA ("The Cell" piano show) where he uses a bow to make the drums squeel and somehow gets feedback from it.  The three were in total alignment broadcasting on some human frequency...  It was a very special show.  4 in for an hour and a bits worth of the greatest living singer-songwriter isnt bad going for anyones money.
  Thanks a lot.
  Ross Morris 
  PS: Jandek sung this line and I was the only one who lauighed.  "I spilled some red wine on a book, in a hotel room....  And now its all red.  Sorry about that."
  gbye now

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