[Jandek] this whole "jandek's son" thing

will adams williamconwayadams at hotmail.com
Sun May 7 12:07:56 PDT 2006

i would encourage everyone not to take this seriously at all.

being the  tall, lanky, red haired, droopy eyed, awkward looking fellow that 
i am, i have been told for years now that i look like our boy jandek (i work 
in college radio, where else are you going to hear that comparison more than 

someone, at some point a long time ago, decided that since i (will, not 
bill, and not my younger brother tom, whose myspace page someone's internet 
sleuthing brought up) lived in houston, was born in '77 (around the jandek 
records started coming out), was also prone to making music, and 
(apparently) look a lot like the guy on the album covers, that i was clearly 
jandek's illegitimate son.

as far as the nardwuar interview is concerned, what you can't tell by 
listening to it is that matt was shaking his head in a way that implied 
"emphaiticly, no" while he was giving the interview.  that is the reason 
there's so much laughing between them, and why nard asks him to clarify it 
so many times. i thought it was pretty clear that he was being feciscious, 
did noone listen to the part where he said something to the effect of "we 
were hoping to ride the annonimoty wave a little bit longer"?

i was introduced to nardwuar as "jandek's son" at a show in houston 4 or 5 
years ago. i told him it was a joke. anyone familiar with his interview 
style knows that he will take a rumor, a joke, or something out of context 
and beat his subject over the head with it.

to the person who initiated this discussion: i encourage you to follow your 
initial instinct, and come to the ka-nives show in vancouver. it'll be fun 
if i'll you like sloppy music by people who can't play that well.the fact 
that you're on the jandek mailing list suggests that you don't mind music 
with out of tune guitars and that's sung off key.  i'll even buy you a beer 
(do they serve kokane at the morrissey?). find me, i'll be the one that 
looks like a young jandek.

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