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Sun May 7 14:53:48 PDT 2006

People, people. Do a little research of your own. If you had, you would've 
realized that the original poster in this thread contained some shoddy research 
to begin with (though I'm definitely grateful for the heads up...thanx!).

This TADAMZ is indeed NOT a member of the Ka-Nives. BUT. Under "TADAMZ's 
Friends Space," click on WILL who is the first of TADAMZ's friends (even before 
JANDEK). WILL is the man in question, not this TADAMZ character.

Or bypass all this and go directly to:

Then click under PICS and jerk off (although you must be a Myspace member to 
access pics; jerking off is free...for now).

Then check out the Ka-Nives page:


where someone has already alerted the band about the original post on this 

Caveat: I am NOT claiming that this Will is the son of Jandek (even though 
I'm choosing to believe it myself). I'm just saying that WILL is the man you 
need to be looking at to decide for yourself.


Kevin John
Unsunny Austin
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