[Jandek] Jandek's son

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Sun May 7 10:12:51 PDT 2006

What musicians can we name actually talk about their parents? And claiming
Jandek is your father is like saying Andy Kaufman is your father - it's
equally unlikely that either of them will actually come forward to correct
you about that matter.

And for the love of all things decent, I would REALLY ask people to think
twice before even considering contacting Corwood to inquire about this. Of
everything under the heading 'none of our business,' 'family members of
Jandek' qualifies as bold-face, italicized NO. If Corwood has not
mentioned family in prior correspondence or lyrics, he doesn't want us to
know either way, and we are not entitled to know.

> As a former Houstonian and avid Ka-Nives fan, I can surely say that
> Will Adams doesn't talk much about his parents and has never denied
> that the man from Corwood is in fact his good father.
> -Andrew

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