[Jandek] Jandek's son

Ratan X ratanx at gmail.com
Sat May 6 07:58:55 PDT 2006

On May 6, 2006, at 2:51 AM, Judith Beeman wrote:

> A quick search of "bill jandek ka-nives" brought up Bill's page
> http://www.myspace.com/tadamz and who is Bill's third friend? Yep,
> Jandek. He even looks like a young Jandek.

Perhaps, but that Jandek profile is a fake/parody. I assume The Man  
 From Corwood probably does have kids somewhere, maybe this guy, but  
for now I'd consider this more of a coincidence than anything else.



"We went to a new musical that just opened, called Oh Africa,
Brave Africa. It was a laugh riot."  - Patrick Bateman

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