[Jandek] possible reason for cancellation...

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After the show in NYC at the film archives last year he was hanging out in
the lobby talking to some people for awhile.  I got up close enough to get a
good look at him but resisted the temptation to reach out and touch him (to
make sure he was real) and didn't want to interrupt the conversation.
Anyway, the people he was talking to were saying pretty much the same thing
to him that I would've - Great show, it's cool to see you out and playing,

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Hello, i was wondering if anybody who has seen Jandek live has any knowledge
of what happens to him after the show? Does he vanish without a trace? I
know there was that one posting of a fellow who actually spoke to him and
told him that it was a great show, where Jandek responded with telling him
that it would soon be released on cd, but what about the other shows. just
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> Hope I'm not repeating anybody, but it occured to me that this was the
> show with the "special guests." Perhaps his planned guests couldn't make
> it? Makes me even MORE curious to know who they were, now that we'll
> likely never know - someone from All Tomorrow's Parties? Lots of
> interesting people in the country - maybe somebody had to come back to the
> States sooner than he did, or perhaps sales were indeed so slow that he
> was concerned about turnout for whoever this was to be, much less for
> himself?  Just some thoughts for discussion (the "interstellar" type).
> Danen
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