[Jandek] possible reason for cancellation...

Chris Gavazza chrisg at sfsu.edu
Fri May 5 00:38:42 PDT 2006

Hello, i was wondering if anybody who has seen Jandek live has any knowledge 
of what happens to him after the show? Does he vanish without a trace? I 
know there was that one posting of a fellow who actually spoke to him and 
told him that it was a great show, where Jandek responded with telling him 
that it would soon be released on cd, but what about the other shows. just 
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> Hope I'm not repeating anybody, but it occured to me that this was the 
> show with the "special guests." Perhaps his planned guests couldn't make 
> it? Makes me even MORE curious to know who they were, now that we'll 
> likely never know - someone from All Tomorrow's Parties? Lots of 
> interesting people in the country - maybe somebody had to come back to the 
> States sooner than he did, or perhaps sales were indeed so slow that he 
> was concerned about turnout for whoever this was to be, much less for 
> himself?  Just some thoughts for discussion (the "interstellar" type).
> Danen
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