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Thu May 4 07:11:35 PDT 2006

On May 2, 2006, at 9:36 AM, Seth Tisue wrote:

>>>>>> "Al" == Al Heldermon <bassui at earthlink.net> writes:
>  Al> My post all stems from the lyrics for Ready for the House, the
>  Al> first album released.  The lyrics shown on the website differ  
> from
>  Al> what is heard on the current CD being released through Corwood
>  Al> Industries.  When you search the archived postings you find
>  Al> individuals (Paul Murray is just one example that I found,  
> although
>  Al> there may be others that predate him) who've offered at one  
> time to
>  Al> make some of the updates and corrections.
> A great many corrections people have sent in have already been  
> made.  I
> haven't gotten to Paul Murray's new transcriptions yet, but thanks for
> the reminder -- I'll make sure I get to them before too much longer.

Is this to say he's rerecorded the vocals with new lyrics? Or is this  
just another person's opinion of what the lyrics are? I'm somewhat  
confused (as always).



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