[Jandek] NEWCASTLE SUNDAY vs. Bootleg...

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> Couldn't disagree more. I was at the Gateshead show, and when I heard
> the bootleg it sounded weak and thin, and didn't capture the heaviness
> of the music at all.

yes, there's a huge quality difference between the bootleg and "Newcastle 
Sunday", a great release reminding me to some Corwood 80's releases and 'I 
threw you away' style..
that's why i'll wait for the originals and i do not listen any jandekian 
bootleg at all, from now on.

I was delighted that the official release did,
> and was surprised how well it works as an album in itself.
I found the
> bootleg hard to sit through, while I can't keep the official version
> off the stereo.

yes, it seems you are on the middle of the performance, like on Modern 
Dances. great... 

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