[Jandek] Islaja, Jandek & gossip

Markus Metsälä markus.metsala at helsinki.fi
Tue Mar 28 01:50:33 PST 2006

Well, there might certainly be something in common with Islaja and 
Jandek. I saw the two of them talking together for an extended amount of 
time during the Avanto Festival last year...

Very important piece of information - or not.


Ludo Maas wrote:

> (hurray!, Seth updated the site! Just before 0784 ;)  )
> And i second Tim's recommendation of Islaja. I got the more "pop" 
> album.. It's called: Palaa Aurinkoon.. and i can also hear traces of 
> Jandek.. strange guitar tunings and wailing vox. :)
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