[Jandek] The official word from the hand of Corwood

CJ Marsicano sempai at cjmarsicano.com
Mon Mar 27 11:01:33 PST 2006

I just got my second box set (i.e. everything I didn't get in the first
box set, up to and including Newcastle Sunday, and just in time for the
next album to come out... oi!) at my PO Box today. When I wrote
Corwood, I asked in a post-script exactly what kind of bass the
Representative played on The Gone Wait, Shadow Of Leaves and Raining
Down Diamonds, since there was so much debate on whether it was
upright, acoustic, fretted with a slide, etc.

The answer, on the back of the latest version of the Corwood catalog,
from the hand of Mr. Smith himself, is:

"You are correct. Fretless electric bass."

That, and what the Corwood Representative played when he sat in with
Loren in Houston, makes it official then. :)

I'll scan the note later if you all like, and Seth can post it on the
webpage :)

CJ Marsicano

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