[Jandek] OT: Sibylle Baier

leo fabriek leo at barakken.nl
Sun Mar 26 13:51:19 PST 2006

I thought that you Jandekians would at least like the story, if not the 
fascinating music:

Sibylle Baier - "Colour Green"
"Colour Green" was recorded in Germany in the 1970-1973.
In a particularly dark and moody period of her young life, Claudine, a 
friend of Sibylle's, dragged her out from under the bed and took her on 
a road trip to Strasbourg, ending up across the Alps in Genoa. 
Apparently, this became a sort of an epiphany for Sibylle, so she 
proceeded to write and save—to share with family and friends—this 
low-fi, melancholy set of reel-to-reel recordings. In 2004, her son lent 
a copy of his mother's home recordings to Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis, who 
in turn saw that it found its way to Athens, GA, record label Orange 
Twin. "Colour Green" was made available to the world the following year.


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