[Jandek] i Jan(dek)

Paul Collett pcollett at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 08:03:34 PST 2006

I've got 38 of the CDs in itunes, ripped at 160 kpbs AAC format, and
they only take up 2 GB of disk space. That level of encoding works fine
for me. I've had the entire batch on my iPod in the past. What did it do
to me...I like being able to listen to Jandek while commuting on the
train or walking to work from the station, helps make those mundane
events a bit more enjoyable.

On 3/19/06 1:01 PM Bob Lukomski wrote:

>Just put 5 Jandek CDs on my iPod mini - Blue Corpse (still reeling from 
>getting dumped, so it was a necessity), Lost Cause, You Walk Alone, 
>Telegraph Melts, and Follow Your Footsteps.
>Was thinking...
>what about investing in a 40 GB iPud dedicated to the entire Corwood corpus 
>(ample room for future releases)?
>Shit.  What *that* would do to a person.
>- Bob

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