[Jandek] Re: Napping With Jandek

Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 05:40:24 PST 2006

> I smell a weekly cable show. "Napping with Jandek".
> "This week Jandek 
> takes a nap with horror director Eli Roth, and
> political commentator 
> Arianna Huffington." And then they just sit in their
> respective 
> interview chairs, everybody's got a blanket on, with
> the TV mic clipped 
> to it, and then they sleep pretty much silently
> onscreen for a half 
> hour. Then that's it, the shows over.
> It'd be huge.
> But honestly, for about 10 years, Graven Image was
> the only Jandek 
> album I had, and my relationship with the album was
> like this: I put it 
> on once and fell sorta half-asleep, and hovering
> there in Alpha I had 
> all kinds of crazy, weird-o dreams, with the Jandek
> music seeming to 
> dictate the events and the imagery and whatnot. So
> for years after that 
> I would always put on Graven Image if I was going to
> take a 
> mid-afternoon nap, and it often had the same effect.

Wait, wait... I can see it...

The Jandek Nap Room - coming soon to a strip mall near you...

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