[Jandek] Connors/Licht (and Jandek) in Houston tonight

CJ Marsicano sempai at cjmarsicano.com
Fri Mar 10 23:35:06 PST 2006

That would pretty much confirm my theory that Jandek played fretless
bass on The Gone Wait, Shadow Of Leaves and Raining Down Diamonds. :)

Aw man, I hope someone got a pic of the Corwood Rep working the thud

On Mar 11, 2006, at 2:01 AM, Bradleybee wrote:

> I noticed Mr. Smith in the hallway
> headed toward the parking lot during the intermission, and was
> delighted when he came back into the hall with a guitar case and
> pulled out the fretless bass (Conners & Licht were both playing
> Strats.)

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