[Jandek] Open Mic Jandek Cover Night Reminder! 3/9/06

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Wed Mar 8 22:11:52 PST 2006

OK, the players are in place, distant contributions have been 
received, and essential shout-outs have been prepared.  This will be 
the most condensed OMJCN ever--and it'll be on the radio.

We will have live in the studio performances (on guitar, sure, but 
also accordion and ukulele), and some absolutely wonderful 
contributions from far-flung Jandek fans, most of whom are on this 
very list!  Don't let your fellow list-members down!  Or if you do, 
do it gently.

The broadcast is Thursday, March 9, 9-10 PM EST (GMT - 5, so 2-3 AM 
Friday March 10 GMT).  Pick up the streams from http://www.wrct.org/ 
or if you're in radio range of Pittsburgh, tune into 88.3 at the 
bottom of your FM dial.  WRCT doesn't archive these, so embrace the 
ephemerality and check it out as it all unfolds.  We'll see you...on 
the radio.

Maurice Rickard
http://mauricerickard.com/   |   http://onezeromusic.com/

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