[Jandek] Greetings, and a funny story

Kirk Saathoff kirk at webperception.com
Mon Mar 6 20:48:33 PST 2006

Howdy.  I just signed up for this list today.  

I first became aware of Jandek through the Chusid book, which my wife (aka,
The Old Lady) gave me for Christmas, 2004.  She knows I like, uh,
unconventional stuff.  In spite of the lukewarm description in the book, I
found the music interesting, and eventually ordered 4 cds from the man
himself, um, I mean Corwood.

In spite of the fact that The Old Lady doesn't particularly care for Mr.
Jandek, she ordered a cd from Amazon for me as a birthday present, along
with various other music.  I had expressed an interest in 'Modern Dances'.

Due to some strange delay, I finally got my batch of cd's well past my
birthday.  The 'Modern Dances' cover looked suspiciously familiar.  In fact,
it wasn't 'Modern Dances' at all, but 'Blue Corpse', which I already have.
It had the whole 'Blue Corpse' case and all, but there was a small sticker
on the back that, errantly, said 'Modern Dances'.

So The Old Lady emailed off to Amazon, explaining the mistake, and they said
they'd send another one, and that the incorrect one could then be sent back.
Imagine my surprise when yet another 'Blue Corpse' showed up, again with the
small, incorrect 'Modern Dances' sticker on the back.  They're both sent
back to Amazon now.  Reckon I'll just stick to ordering from Corwood now.

Here's hoping Jandek can make his way to the SF Bay area...


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