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I wasn't saying those CDs are bad- they're fascinating and lyrically some of the most interesting stuff he's ever done- but even so, they were really a detour, important in their own way but not terribly vital to an overview collection, which was the original subject of my post. Would anyone on this list honestly put one of the a capellas in their top five Jandek albums, or would anyone reccommend one to a new fan as one of his first purchases? (of course now someone's going to respond and give me a big shpiel about about how Jandek's albums are so complex and his ourve so vast that the very notion of being able to name a top five is stupid, but I'm prepared). 

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I agree that the acapella CDs get short shrift. Granted they are 
difficult, but the lyrics are pretty amazing.


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Hey, six-month-old fan here, first time poster.

Nine-Thirty is a real sleeper album...doesn't get a lot of discussion
here, does it? I really love the lyrics on the album.

'when the skin comes tied to your bone
there's no stopping the bell'

I just really like the imagery.

I think part of the reason why I like Jandek is the echoey recording and
the sparseness of it all - doesn't it really sound like what happens in
between your ears sometimes? I don't know, that's what it makes me think
of, is all.

And no, you certainly can't discount his a capella period as an 
at all. What he does with his vocal inflections is really interesting, 
you can't call the lyrics anything short of beautiful, if haunting. But
then, isn't that what he's all about?

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