[Jandek] Jandek listening parties/Jandek fest ideas

stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 20:23:38 PST 2006

My dream is to somehow find enough people to support a Jandek
retrospective listening party.  Somebody else mentioned listening to
the whole body of work from start to finish.  I have a crazy idea to
curate such an event somewhere, even if it was in my own apartment. 
Just let everybody bring whatever supplies they wish and camp out on
beanbag chairs strewn across the floor and let the music run it's

Of course reality kind of puts a damper on these dreams.  I live in a
fairly large urban area (Minneapolis) and have worked in record stores
back in the 90's and know plenty of musicians and people in the arts,
but I still can only think of 2 or perhaps 3 people who would even
remotely consider this to be a good time.

When I suggest it to people who certainly know who Jandek is they just
laugh and make snide comments of how nobody could listen to Jandek for
a whole weekend without getting suicidal, stuff like that.

I think Seth Tisue of the jandek website fame lives in the Chicago
area, if he were to curate such an event down there I would certainly
make the drive down!  Maybe combine it with a showing of
jandek-inspired art.  I'm working on a series of photos loosely
recreating his album covers, and somebody else has posted paintings.

Maybe a national Jandek Fest is what we need, publicized well in
advance to give us time to arrange small vacations and attend.  Who
knows, maybe an unannounced knock on the door would bring the man
himself (I know, I'm off the deep end of wishful thinking now...) for
a group jam.  I would practically kill or die for the honor of jamming
with Jandek on any instrument he deemed necessary, be it guitars or
bongos or kitchen utensils or kazoo or whatever!

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA

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