[Jandek] Summersteps Jandek Photos

Jumbalaya Negro couchsong at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 2 12:23:44 PST 2006

A couple of years ago before the first tribute album to Jandek on 
Summersteps, They had contacted Jandek about photos for the now infamous 
cover.  They had two roles of film come back in the mail consisting of a ton 
of indistinct photographs from an unknown cemetery

that is the address to look at the nine pages of photos....

well it has since been determined that the pics were taken at Glenwood 
Cemetery right in houston

anyway to make a long story short I went to findagrave.com and searched 
through 556 entries for interments.. Looked through all the graves that had 
photos and was able to come up with two major matches.

on page two There is a statue of a womanly figure surrounded by a really 
short brick wall covered in ivy and with pillars all around it.. through 
searching I have determined that to be a seperate area of the cemetery 
dedicated to the Boughton and Sharp families.
Delia Frost Boughton
Estelle Boughton Sharp
Kathleen Sharp
Patty Lumis Sharp
Walter Bedford Sharp
Walter Benona Sharp.

and on page five in the distance you can see a very tall statue of what 
looks to be an oldschool fireman.
And it is
Upon further inspection I found it is a monument to fireman of the olden 
days. Men that have lost their lives in the fight to save fire victims.
There is the big monument and it is surrounded by smaller headstones of 
these fine firemen

Robert Brewster
James Furlong
Charles Gruelich
Clarence Hartwell
Harry Kitelely
Emil Thompson
P.A. Traney
among others that are indecipherable

I hope you all enjoyed this little sleuthing escapade of mine..

check out the pics they show that Jandek does still have a unique knack for 
cryptic photography

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