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Fri Jun 30 10:07:54 PDT 2006

>Subject: [Jandek] Listening 
>Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 07:05:09 -0400 
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>I've been listening to Scott Walker's THE DRIFT, and
>the track 'Jesse' is not entirely unJandekian in its
>clanging oddly tuned guitars.  

that's probably my favorite record right now. sounds
very little like jandek, but is similar in the way it
is completely divorced from everything-- completely of
the deep end. sick, scary, funny, smart and stupid,
all at once. 

lyrics are downright creepy: "as the grossness of
spring/lolls a head against the window/rose a tumor
balloon/to squeak against the window" or "six feet of
fetus/flung at sparrows in the sky". and what's with
the insane donald duck/"new york ripper" quacking
vocals near the end?? 

i don't normally look at indie rock mags, but i
thumbed thru the new ish of Magnet for the scott
walker interview. really insightful.

morty v. venti

"the idea that music is principally to be 'enjoyed' is a notion characteristic of western culture, not necessarily shared by other societies." --bruno nettl

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