[Jandek] what else is out there?

stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 13:21:11 PDT 2006

For Jandek fans I would certainly recommend listening to the new Carla
Bozelich album "Evangelista".  Apparently it was made with the help of
GodspeedYouBlack Emperor (a band I know nothing about) but as one
friend put it the album sounds like an alternate soundtrack to the
movie Eraserhead.

Think Patti Smith chained up and starved in a dank sweaty basement
with lots of creaky noises and spooky paranoid atmospherics and vague
unidentifiable instrumentation.  It's nothing like her "rockist" stuff
with her other bands or like her country stuff, just real challenging
songs that push the definition of "music".  Real exorcising of
demons-type stuff, plus beautiful woodcut artwoork on the sleeves and

Not for people looking for bright summery music, but a challenging
headfuck music for sure!

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA

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