[Jandek] Re: What else is out there?

Chris Gavazza chrisg at sfsu.edu
Wed Jun 28 02:25:28 PDT 2006

hey, does anyone on this message board listen to derek bailey? very 
interesting and similar to a point. just wondering

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>So my question to you is this: As people who find
>Jandek listenable and even enjoyable, do you find
>that there is still music out there that's too weird
>for even your tastes?

i don't know about TOO weird, but three i've been
jamming lately are on par. sometimes i can listen,
other times they're too far gone:

sam esh & hard black thing: "montezuma baby duck"--
described by record store clerk as, "sounds like a
washing machine...playing a guitar..."  vocals are the
most un-sober i've ever heard-- can't make out a word,
totally creepy anyway. side 2 has sam esh comedy-- no
idea what he's saying, but it gives you the giggles.
maybe the most insanity-inducing record i own.

reynols: "barbatrulos"-- i love reynols, but can
hardly listen to them. down's syndrome space rock and
spanish/gibberish self-interviews.


"in war, you kill people in order to change their minds. remember that. it's 
fuckin' important!"  --boris lee

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