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Darin Mitchell susseddm at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 21 15:23:15 PDT 2006

I already have my two tickets. I believe there are only 300 available. I 
flew to New Castle to see his second show and now he lands right on my 

It's pretty early to post a show in September too....


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>Damn.  One month after I move out of town.
>Any one working on a San Francisco show?
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>>Subject: [e-mole] e-Mole Vol, 2 Issue #5: "You Have 632 New Messages"
>>...First things first:
>>I wasn't kidding about Jandek playing Toronto, Canada folks.
>>This Wed @ 12:01 a.m. WED June 21st tickets go on sale ON-LINE @
>>ticketweb.ca for $27 plus service charges. Meaning: if you live in
>>remote places like Rochester NY or Beausejour, Manitoba and you have
>>internet and credit card access, you can go. Just remember to get yr
>>SARS shots before you go!
>>For Toranna locals, ticks can be purchased the old-fashioned way @
>>Rotate This, Sam The Record Man, and Circus Books & Music. The latter
>>is especially appropriate, given the nature of the venue. See. the
>>Centre of Gravity is a circus room, complete w/high-wires. It's
>>located at 1300 Gerrard Street, just east of Greenwood, in the
>>unfashionable "Little India". Bring the kids: it's an all-ages event!
>>For the record: Jandek has recorded 46 albums over the past 28 years
>>and - barring unforeseen circumstances - will be around long after
>>pop pweeps like Death Cab For Cutie get relegated to the annals of
>>history as a footnote to the far more illustrious career of the Bonzo
>>Dog Band.
>Find out more about Canadaís Real Estate Outlook in Sympatico / MSNís 
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