[Jandek] Re: timelines & jandek Digest, Vol 54, Issue 130

Frank Hardy soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 09:22:51 PDT 2006

I can't image that the RFTH songs were recorded in any way other than all in a row, They just sound too much like they ran one after another, and (more tellingly) the guitar tuning sounds the exactly same thoroughout the record, something that would have been very difficult to achieve if he had to retune it across multiple sessions and different days- it's not like he could have just plugged into an electric tuner and plunked out EADGBE. On those solo acoustic records, Jandek would just put his guitar in some tuning, get out his lyrics, and record 'till the tape was full, much like he does at his live shows. I don't believe that he's ever rejected a song- let's face it, some of his material is absolutely uninspired shit. The collaborator records are different- I'd be more open to the idea that those were patch jobs.
  Also the idea that the spoken word tapes are the earliest material doesn't make a lick of sense- his voice is too old-sounding compared to other records for it to be early (though it matches pretty well the voice in the Trubee interview!). 
  F. Hardy

Michael Mellor <miquelotjr at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Hi Danen, et alia

Yeah, that's kinda what I was driving at, re the timelines: that RFTH was a best-of from some solo acoustic period towards the end of the 1970s, and maybe the band years were early 70s stuff

some afterthoughts on the tape trio: that Put My Dream on this Planet (2000) seems to probe every aspect of the "House" trope, previously alluded to on the first 4 albums - before Jandek / Sterling steps outside and really starts to explore the town of Corwood (or Rhode Island, or wherever), with Living in a Moon so Blue (1983). On the spoken word album, it really becomes apparent that being "ready for the house" is analogous to being "ready for the kingdom" - hence the long section where SRS talks about the house not being built of stone, wood, aluminum siding, etc. (it gets kinda comically non-Biblical). all of which suggests that the tapes could be some of his earliest material. 

who knows? if there's one thing you can be sure of about J's personal mythology, it's circular. I saw Jandek in London, last November (review at myspace / Michael Mellor, as well as some litcrit on J), and he still keeps returning to the house, figurally. The running themes were death by drowning, attaining oneness with the universe through meditation, and some possible 9-11 allusions, but lines from "Naked in the Afternoon" off RFTH also recurred in two separate songs.

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