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...First things first:
I wasn't kidding about Jandek playing Toronto, Canada folks.

This Wed @ 12:01 a.m. WED June 21st tickets go on sale ON-LINE @ 
ticketweb.ca for $27 plus service charges. Meaning: if you live in 
remote places like Rochester NY or Beausejour, Manitoba and you have 
internet and credit card access, you can go. Just remember to get yr 
SARS shots before you go!
For Toranna locals, ticks can be purchased the old-fashioned way @ 
Rotate This, Sam The Record Man, and Circus Books & Music. The latter 
is especially appropriate, given the nature of the venue. See. the 
Centre of Gravity is a circus room, complete w/high-wires. It's 
located at 1300 Gerrard Street, just east of Greenwood, in the 
unfashionable "Little India". Bring the kids: it's an all-ages event!
For the record: Jandek has recorded 46 albums over the past 28 years 
and - barring unforeseen circumstances - will be around long after 
pop pweeps like Death Cab For Cutie get relegated to the annals of 
history as a footnote to the far more illustrious career of the Bonzo 
Dog Band.

Second things second: this Tuesday, e-Mole Radio 90 features guest 
hosts - and e-Mole members in good standing - Rob Porteous and Wylde 
Swanda (she of Flamingo-go and Saffron Sect fame) spinning tunes hand-
picked from their massive collections. Rob is the CEO of Wolfbeat 
Records; http://www.geocities.com/wolfbeatrecords/

Third things third;

Longtime e-Mole pal and contributor, Bill Shute has had his book, The 
Twelve Gates To The City: The Labours of Hercules in the Lone Star 
State, an anthology of his poetry published by WordMechanics. Shute 
is the author of the definitive book on UK garage-rockers, The 
Downliner Sect, and wrote the fabulous Inner Mystique column for 
Black To Comm, covering everything from "A" music to "B" Movies 
to "C" Grade booze. The book is available in Canada through Pages 
Books And Magazines @ 256 Queen Street West. What's it like? It's 
listed under metaphysical, but it's well-grounded in this here ball 
of mud we like to call "Earth" There's a review on the Vulcanics 
site: look it up.

Finally: I'll be stage managing The New Music Expo Stage this 
upcoming long July weekend at Gage Park in Hamilton, so if yr in the 
neighbourhood, drop by and say "hi". The Fishing editor can be found 
at Stage Two @ 6 p.m. with his band The High Society. Catch him 
before he leaves for Minden!
GO HERE: http://stillepost.ca/boards/index.php?topic=41254.0 to see 
details of acts playing. It's the biggest free "indie" music festival 
going on this long weekend and the BEST ENTERTAINMENT $3,700 (that 
includes sound equip and staff...) can buy...


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