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all very intriguing re The Units & possible personal. does anyone else get the impression that Ready for the House was compiled from the best (or most idiosyncratic) stuff SRS had composed over the previous few years, and then credited to The Units out of nostalgia for a band that had already fizzled out?
  i get the impression that a lot of the material released during the 80s may have been randomly cobbled together much earlier (given the handful of pop-cultural references; the Zappa / Beefheart style weirdness of Telegraph Melts, Modern Dances, etc; the youthfulness of SRS on the cover of albums like Follow Your Footsteps, where he's clearly rocking out in the basement as a teen)
  anyone else tried to construct a timeline? is Twelfth Apostle (i.e. Judas) Jandek's ironic farewell to his electric band at the end of the 1980s? or simply the first solo acoustic record he's been able to put out since he ran out of all the blues songs to release that he (hypothetically) had saved up before arriving at the sound we all tend to think of as quintessential Jandek (i.e. the first four: RFTH, 6&6, Later On, Chair Beside a Window)...?!?
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