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Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Fri Jun 9 10:11:57 PDT 2006

> the first jandek lp was credited to the units
> because there were two guy's
> sterling and john.
> when john dissapeared sterling became jandek and went on solo.

??? Not sure if you mean this to be humorous (see: picture) or serious, but the first lp is clearly one guy. He says (and I believe him) in the documentary that he only changed the name cause a group called the Units in California gave him a cease and disist order. So he came up with a name he figured nobody could have the copyright on. Makes sense to me.

As for the Units, the "garage band" (which may not have been called the Units - who knows?) I recall him mentioning a John on bass AND a John on drums. We also don't know that the John of "John Plays Drums" ever plays drums again. Corwood says that much of it was overdubbed (sometimes you can tell). But sometimes it IS obviously a band - and more than two people. 

By contrast, I'm curious about the song played in Portland called "Eddie was a Wino." Is this the same "Eddie" oft-credited as the other voice of "Blue Corpse" and "Follow Your Footsteps?" He DOES clearly say "Take it Eddie" in "Down at the Ballpark."  So perhaps Blue Corpse was recorded in New York with a guy named Eddie who had a drinking problem. Or maybe this is just some "Eddie" he made up out of nowhere. Curious.

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