[Jandek] Houston performance (Was: Upcoming live releases)

Nancy Novotny nan at io.com
Thu Jul 20 07:44:39 PDT 2006

brian asked why he was unhappy with the houston show.  you'd have to ask
andrew m. about that, because he's the one who posted that information
orginally.  i too, was a bit curious as to why--or how andrew knew that--but
i don't mean to pry, particularly if it's any sort of inside information.
i was in attendance, and i thought he did a wonderful job complementing
connors' and licht's guitar work with his fretless electric bass.  despite
his larger-than-life presence, i really don't feel that he stole the show
away from loren and alan.  it felt like three friends who've all played
together before enjoying the opportunity to play again.  i felt really
privileged to be able to witness that.
even the final piece (which was an unexpected encore of sorts) worked well,
i thought.  this information has been posted here before, but just to remind
folks what happened, he had put away his bass already so he instictively
grabbed his harmonica (which i suspect he always keeps on hand) for the last
to me, he seemed quite upbeat directly after the show.  i sensed that he
sincerely enjoyed playing with his friends.  if he was unhappy with (or
insecure about) his performance, he didn't show it in any public manner.
as i stated, the chief reason i would never expect this to be released
(particularly on corwood) is because is wasn't a "jandek" gig.

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Why was he unhappy with the Houston gig? What happened?


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