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Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Jul 19 07:32:07 PDT 2006

> I would really hope that he mixes it up a bit.  I'm wondering why 
> he didn't just call this album simply "The Cell" instead of 
> "Glasgow Monday The Cell."  Seems a wee bit awkward, that two-part 
> title.

Maybe that's what he told distributors? Again, the actual album title is simply Glasgow Monday, though (as you can see from the scan the other day) "The Cell" hangs over the listings and times for the CD. That he DIDN'T name this "the Cell" tells me more than anything that he's in one of those patterns that will probably keep repeating.


this show is the last in what we saw at the time as a "trilogy" - the three shows in a row with Richard and Alex that took place in the UK and were, you know, the first shows. So it may be (though I think this a long shot) that these first three discs are titled like this to represent a grouping and then the Austin show starts, maybe, a different type of heading.  But what? A date and city? We'll know soon enough when the Austin show comes out (well, hopefully soon enough). 

But this seems to be an easy pattern for Corwood to use to represent the difference between a live CD/DVD and a studio album.


> On a related note, have all of the shows so far been video'd, or 
> just certain ones?  Who here thinks we'll get a DVD for every show?
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