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Mon Jul 17 20:02:05 PDT 2006

I want to reiterate what an interesting experience this album is. Very eastern - downright zen. Finds different patterns and focuses on them, but always returns to the central question, which isn't (can't be) answered. Interestingly, after I transcribed the lyrics I decided to run them against Seth's from the live show. What I have as "Part Eight" is distributed in DIFFERENT PARTS of TWO OTHER SONGS. So: to anyone who was there (if you can possibly remember) - was "Part Eight" a separate song that somehow got put into other songs OR is this an edit, creating a new song out of chunks of two songs. I'm REALLY curious to know! Seems more likely (at least to hear the CD) that  it's all live BUT this could be like the trick photography. I've often wondered if he created songs by chopping up bits of other songs. Might be this answers the question, might not. Anyone? As ever, if anyone "heard" anything else feel free to suggest corrections! 

Anyway, here's my (and Seth's, from the live show - thanks Seth) transcription for the CD of 'Glasgow Monday.'

“The Cell”

Disc One

1. Prelude (instr)

2. Part One

What do I have?
Not what I had.
Is it good?
I suppose it’s not bad.
I crashed and burned
and phoenixed out of there
and now what do I have?
Some resemblance of my body,
an overview of my mind.
I stare, looking
I can’t see all that was.
I am lesser and greater,
something different.
Somehow I didn’t feel like a result before.
It was moving too fast,
It was…
Now I am, I think.
It’s not so fast,
it’s dead slow compared
to the hormones I could not catch.

3. Part Two

What do I have?
Some ability to pay the bills.
Well, let’s get that done.
I can break the barrier
if it means brushing up against death.
Nothing to live for 
except breaking the barrier.
The other side of life
were I don’t think of anything that’s not.
I’ll dash these demons,
spit out the virus,
starve the monster.
I need – you can’t have it.
One way of the other we move,
going to the end.
The beginning.
It’s so basic, these needs. 
I won’t forget.
I won’t.

4. Part Three

What do I have?
An insight into the past.
So contrite, knowledge.
Some bastion I guard.
Some shade – granted the beast is difficult.
Take it down, old soul warrior.
What do I have?
Nothing is acute.
Nothing is immanent. 
A slow blaze.
Not even a grimace.
Gone the instant recollect,
gone the life and death instance
best I’m alone. 
Was I ever anything else?
I know I’ll dream the perfect exit
Except – does it just start again?
Hear the cosmic equation,
and the ultimate response.
Gravity, where are you?

5. Part Four

What do I have?
A ship without a crew.
Dead leaves in the forest.
Scurrying little things.
When I really tried to look,
I couldn’t find.
When I forgot everything,
I lived without knowing,
without caring. 
The experience was first and last.
Go and be gone.
No second transpires.
Character – what’s that?
Grand palace.
I sleep in the tree.
I know the night
is trying to bother me.
I have rocks,
I have intelligence,
the instinct of a human.
But the occult is another thing.
I don’t battle with myself.

Disc Two

1. Part Five

What do I have?
The comfort of acquisition.
The calling from mountains.
A barometer.
Needless to say, I’m hearing something far away.
Cancel all my appointments.
There’s another focus
that I dare not explain,
nor do I want to.
There’s not a breeze,
still and waiting.
Endless search I found
golden floors and blue cushions.
Disconnected, really – maybe not.
Flowers don’t seem to mind.
I’ll pick up the days.
Just this one last dead span.
Life without knowing.
The only thought is a moment’s reaction.
I never encountered grief,
I took the other road,
the one that left me sullen here.

2. Part Six

What do I have?
A mental ring exploded.
All the mitochonrian streaming
the desert and the swamp,
I know they’ll have to go.
Comfort disrupted, okay.
Well, I suppose I don’t know what to do.
Not just carry on.
Turn sideways.
Look one other way.
Peripheral vision tells me I can be
something I like.
What do I have?
A soundtrack, a video screen,
a vision.
A way to comply.
I don’t give anything.
What do I have?
I don’t know.

3. Part Seven

All-knowing creatures.
Chariots in the sky.
White horses on high.
War of my life.
I have to fight the lack of air.
This courageous spirit 
could down any foe.
Beware dark destruction
confined in the circle cell.
The key is out there.
The mystery revealed.
Stopping the influence
of the straight ahead.
Knocking my feet under obstacles.
Catapult projection.
No, not here!
Piercing the evidence.
Speed of light.
Canals for the dry wit.
Fresh water for the desert bound.
I don’t care if it takes forever.
But it won’t.

4. Part Eight

What do I have?
A ball and chain.
A cell – solitary.
Well doctor, the wound has healed.
I’m strangling all the rats.
The leaves are dripping water.
And do I see the sun?
Maybe a glimpse.
I’ll lay flat for weeks,
getting through all the addictions.
I’ll keep thinking.
It’s what I have to do.
Aiming for the darkness,
glad for the experience.
Not counting the hours.
Some kind of ecstasy grows everyday.
I’ll be there where I am.
What do I have?
Nothing – not now or ever.
And I don’t divert.

5. Part Nine

I’ll take the revelations
after the fall.
I’ll use these ideas.
The crutch is temporary
but the aid of it endures.
When it’s all gone and black
the guardians step aside.
White light – blinding kiss of life.
What do I have?
I breathe.
Where is the moon?
Where does it end?
It doesn’t – why should it?
Infidel, that you doubt possibility.
What do I have?
I’ll take these things.
It’s hope.
In the cell I have possibilities.
I’ll lay down for weeks.
Whatever it takes.
It’s not concluded.
Seconds, rat-a-tat-tat.
Take one.
What do I have?

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