Subject: [Jandek] Things to listen to

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That Naythen bloke sounds kinda familiar and interesting, and also
interesting the hear that Northern European songstress that is

I remember in the early 90s there were plenty of 'Jandekesque' acts like
Daniel Johnson, alot of the Shimmy Disc and Drag City product.

I know people who think Ariel Pink is 'Jandekesque'

The problem with the more recent imitators is they sound too similar to

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> Subject: [Jandek] Things to listen to
> I just recently received the DVD for Glasgow Sunday and was thoroughly
> tickled pink.  It is so weird to be able to watch him move around and play
> in the comfort of my own home.
> As for music that people should check out, I feel that Naythen Wilson is
> an
> artist that is right up the alley of anyone who digs Jandek's music.  He
> is
> on myspace at
> And also The Sewing Circle is a bad that is kinda like They Might Be
> Giants
> meets Jandek
> kind cool stuff
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