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Frank Hardy soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 08:49:53 PST 2006

"Determinedly referring to Jandek as Sterling Smith is like refusing to accept that Frederick Rolfe can also be Baron Corvo, or Nicholas Currie Momus - but this is a mootpoint and a personal preference..." 
  It really is a personal preference, because he's never made it clear whether the name refers to him alone or his project. I meant my original comment more in the way that if you're talking about the Cure you're pretty much talking about Robert Smith, and with the Fall you're pretty much talking about Mark E. Smith, and with Jandek you're pretty much talking about Sterling Smith (though oddly enough, with the Smiths you don't just mean Morissey). 
  "...I may be in a minority, but I believe that what Jandek does *means* something, and matters, and isn't just a haphazard quarter-century habit, but instead an attempt to construct a new and personal type of art, in the same way as similarly-individualistic artists (Joseph Cornell, Henry Darger, Harry Partch...); I believe this absolutely, and Corwood have done nothing so far to counter this belief."
  I totally agree. It's way more than a hobby. But i'm pretty sure you're not in a minority on that. 

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