[Jandek] Frank Hardy

Jumbalaya Negro couchsong at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 22:42:26 PST 2006

I was originally going to comment on your post, but decided not to get in a 
heated discussion about foolishness..  I feel that Jandek is one of the 
truest and most amazing musicians and performers of our time. Having seen 
his performance at Anthology Film Archive in September, i can honestly say 
that I will never see a show again that was that REAL and that CAPTIVATING.  
The majority of the people here are here for one reason and that is that Mr. 
Smith's music has touched them in a way that was big enough to leave a mark. 
  I can actually say that if it weren't for "Put My Dream On This Planet" i 
would have eaten a bullet back in 2004.  I feel that speculations and fact 
should be discussed.  I personally am heading up a troup of slueths that are 
sharing there concepts and we are few in number but have a strong will to 
discover all we can... I really hope that his music has made a mark with 


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