[Jandek] Album Numbering

Al Heldermon bassui at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 24 10:38:24 PST 2006

I am new to the world of Jandek and this is my first post.

I'm speculating here, but I believe I know the rationale for the 
numbering of the albums.  I do not want to be presumptuous about this 
so I would like to know what, if any, other past speculations have been 
as to why the albums are numbered the way they are.  I have not gone 
through the Jandek literature to review past theories.  Also, I don't 
even know if Jandek himself has ever clarified the matter.  Can any one 
who is more knowledgeable on this subject please help me out here.

If the subject is still one that is unresolved within the Jandek ether 
I think I would prefer to attempt to contact Jandek directly and try to 
ascertain from him whether or not he would like this fact revealed.  
There are some things that are better left a mystery.


Al Heldermon

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