[Jandek] Solving the Mystery VS. Leaving it Alone

Jumbalaya Negro couchsong at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 18 01:25:25 PST 2006

Well first off I have to say that I remember a while back that people were 
getting upset with people posting information that may destroy some of the 
mystery around Jandek and Corwood Industries.  I personally have spent 
almost 13 years studying it in great detail.  And recently have been going 
through each release methodically following lyrical links, inspecting covers 
and have weeded through many articles and interviews.  After doing this I 
have made some very interesting observations that I would love to share, 
with like minded Jandek sleuths.  If anyone wants to discuss these topics in 
a different venue feel free to contact me at couchsong at hotmail.com.
I am doing this out of respect for Seth and for people that don't want any 
of the mystery unraveled.  I hope that everyone understands that there are 
two different kinds of fans, and that we can get along.....

There are the ravenous fans, who want to know when where how and every 
aspect, sifting through clues like myself and then there are the ones that 
feel no need in studying and just love the music at face value and that's 
all that they want.

I obviously would expect everyone to continue to come here and help support 
Seth and his site for bringing the world of Jandek to us.  I mean this email 
with no disrespect to Seth or the hard work put into this site..

keep it up


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